Hello from a tired individual at the LA Film Festival. This has been both a fun and exhausting thing to cover, as with most festivals. Anyways, I’ve seen some pretty good films lately and decided that I should tell you about them. Below you will find capsule reviews of three projects that all provided me with good movie going experiences.

The View from Tall
Teens Are Terrible: The Movie could be an alternate title for this unflinching look at a young girl who returns to school in the aftermath of sleeping with her teacher. It truly was a tough sit as the teens in this story, including the lead, just find new was to bring your spirit down. However, you are sent through the film thanks to the blistering performances of Amanda Drinkall and Michael Patrick Thorton you can keep watching even as the film gets super uncomfortable.

Don’t Hang Up
One of the most fun times I’ve had in a theater during the festival, this horror film is an intense ride that uses the form of several older horror films such as Scream and The Strangers, throws in some really expert use of technology, and then gives it all a new twist. Though the movie plays a bit loose with its rules, I sure did love watching the twists and turns of the plot and seeing how terrorized they could get Gregg Sulkin and Garrett Clayton.

I might write a longer review of this film at a later date because it truly deserves more discussion, but I found this film to be a really intriguing exploration of how the choices we make in life and how things happen as a result. This movie was very inventive with its form and yet I never once felt confused, even as it played with my expectations. The only real problem I have is with the final minute of the film, which I felt was too melodramatic for such a smart and tight film. Still an enjoyable watch though.