One of the things that’s most awesome about cooking is that recipes, however you find them, seem to have a journey. Whether its things that have been passed down through your family or some you find online, food and how it is made and prepared is a community resource with a history. You can connect the food you eat and make to your life in fascinating ways. It’s this approach that Ronni Lundy takes to Victuals which makes it so outstanding. Part cookbook, part regional oral history, this book combines Lundy’s exploration of the region and how its food scene was created, as well as highlighting some amazing recipes.

As a native Californian, I enjoyed getting to see the food and learn about a new culture. I may not be able to make everything in this given what food is sold out here, but I can at least sit in mouthwatering agreement that this book would be a great edition to anyone’s library or kitchen.

Disclosure: I received this book from in exchange for this review.