Leading up to WonderCon and with CinemaCon in full swing, there has been a lot of news about superheroes lately. I wanted to breakdown two of the recent trailers that dropped.

Spider-Man Homecoming

The Good

The Billionaire-playboy-philanthropist as a mentor… Given Tony Stark’s track record all the way back to the 1st Iron Man movie, He should be the last person to mentor anybody. And I do mean anybody BUT I’m interested to see Tony Stark/Iron Man as a Surrogate Father figure to Peter Parker/Spider-man. The boat scene in which it’s clear Spider-man made a mistake or miscalculation and Iron Man comes to fix it. That dynamic is intriguing to me and I’m not just saying that because Iron Man and Spider-man are my two favorites in the Marvel Universe.

The world is just Awesome. You can see that the Marvel Universe has clearly become a world in which Science and Technology rule. Those who have it rule. I can’t wait to see this movie’s Iron Man suit. Can anybody tell me what Mark this one is? I’m also looking forward to seeing what the spider-man suit can do especially when we see the spider on his chest come alive. The Vulture suit just absolutely rocks my world along with the teasing of Shocker’s gauntlets. And lets not forget the really old-sudo video of Captain America giving a lecture on exercising and fitness. It just reminds you that the Marvel universe is real.

Say good-bye to the Spider-man origin story. Period. He’s already an established Rookie hero. And he’s in high school… even though we only see ten seconds of it in the movie.

Say good-bye to Peter Parker girl-crushing all over Mary Jane…. or Gwen Stacy. Change is good. The Peter Parker and Mary Jane relationship has dominated the Tobey McGuire’s Spider-Man to a point where I did not want them together anymore. The Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy relationship was so deeply rooted in the comics that we saw everything coming with them a mile away in Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Especially since some idiot decided to post comic pictures next to pictures from the actual movie—spoiling it for most.

I think it’s pretty clear that Peter Parker wants to be a hero. A hero who likes & has fun doing the job unlike some heroes I know…cough! Superman ..cough! He wants to be an Avenger which prompts him to take on much more than he can chew.

In a realistic world, you best friend would definitely find out that you’re the spider-man from youtube. Always. Always.

The Bad

We only see about ten seconds of Peter Parker/Spider-man in actual high school. For a movie about a homecoming, we sure don’t see much of it.

This. Always. Happens.

The Ugly

The night lighting in this movie is GAR-BAGE. Which is why the Vulture suit only rocks my world instead of my Universe.

Justice League

The Good

Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Period.

Last time I checked, the Justice League included Shazaam, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter. But I suppose if you start the team off small, it can grow into something bigger.

The Bad

All of the fight scenes are at night. I guess the Parademons don’t believe in coming out during the day. Also, when a movie feels like it was shot on a green screen. That cannot be good.

The Ugly

I really don’t like how The Flash’s powers are displayed aesthetically on screen. The lightning surrounding his body every time he moves is pure overkill.

Cyborg’s body is nothing but a CGI. Victor Stone’s (played by Ray Fisher) head within the CGI Cyborg body doesn’t look organic or believable.