After six seasons, Girls has come to an end. Hannah begins a new chapter of her life with Marnie along for the ride. So, let’s dive right in with this series finale…one last time.

Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Marnie (Allison Williams) are asleep in bed together. Hannah wakes up and gets shocked to find Marnie spooning her. Marnie tells Hannah that she wants to help her raise the baby (Adam already tried this) even Hannah tells Marnie that he had already pitched that and it didn’t work out. Marnie mentions how none of her other friends are here and that she wins (I didn’t know this was a competition Marnie) and that she wins at being Hannah’s best friend. Hannah agrees and tells her okay.

We flash forward to five months and Hannah is at the pediatrician’s with her baby named, get this guys: Grover, yes you heard correct…I guess Paul-Louis’ suggestion for a name won in the end. Hannah tells the doctor that Grover isn’t latching and that he only wants to take the bottle. Hannah just feels frustrated. In the car heading back home, Hannah tells Marnie that she doesn’t want to keep breastfeeding. Marnie starts singing and Hannah tells her to please stop. Marnie keeps singing and Hannah yells at her to stop, which makes Grover cry.

Hannah’s trying to swaddle Grover, but no luck because he keeps crying. Marnie comes over and she wraps him up calling him a baby burrito and he stops crying. At this point Hannah is completely frustrated. She tries to breastfeed Grover again, but it isn’t working…he just keeps crying. Marnie is reading a book on how to get the baby to breastfeed and tells Hannah not to worry that Grover will latch. Hannah tells Marnie to stop, because their current family situation is feeling perverse.

Hannah has completely become dependent on Marnie that when she tells Hannah she wants to go out tomorrow to see a live jazz band trio…Hannah tells her it’s gross. Marnie feeling defeated is in the bathroom taking selfies in the bathroom with only her underwear, when Hannah comes bursting in saying that Grover hates her and hands the baby off to Marnie and leaves.

It’s the next morning and Loreen (Becky Ann Baker) has arrived and yells at Hannah to wake up, because Grover has been crying for the last three hours. Hannah is upset, because Marnie called her mom for help (can you please stop acting like a brat Hannah). Hannah vents to her mom saying how’s she’s doing a bad job at being a parent and that she can’t get Grover to latch on. Loreen tries to make Hannah feel better saying that Grover will be fine either way (by using formula or breastfeeding). Hannah just isn’t having any of it and tells Loreen that no one understands the very intense choice she made by having this baby. Loreen has had enough of this and tells Hannah to start acting like a grownup (I agree) and that she can’t take back the choice she made…that this is forever. Hannah can’t handle the truth coming from Loreen and she walks out of the house.

Meanwhile, Marnie is on FaceTime with this random guy, while she’s pleasuring herself and speaking with a British accent to him. Loreen walks in on her and she’s mortified. After Marnie walks out and Loreen asks her if she’s happy here. She tells Loreen that Hannah and Grover can’t do this by themselves. Loreen tells Marnie that she wants her to be happy and that she needs to let them go.

After storming out, Hannah is walking and runs into this girl…who is running towards her and crying. Concerned Hannah stops her and asks if she’s okay. The girl calls her ma’am and says she needs a phone to call her boyfriend (because he worries when he can’t locate her…okay). Hannah tells her she can use her phone at her house. But changes her mind when she finds out the reason this girl was running away was: she didn’t want to do her homework and her mother told her to do it. Hannah tells the girl she wants her jeans back (earlier Hannah gave the girl her jeans since she ran out in only underwear). Hannah goes all mom mode and tells the girl that (the girl’s mother) knows what is good for her and loves her more than anything and she will take care of her forever. I get this whole scene was for Hannah to wake up about her current situation with motherhood and how she’s been handling everything. But this whole scene frustrated me, it felt too long and I felt it wasn’t necessary to prove…that this encounter is what changes Hannah.

Marnie and Loreen are waiting for Hannah outside. She tells Loreen that she is trying to figure what’s next in her life and how she always wanted to go to law school. Loreen tells her that it’s a start. Hannah finally arrives home and sits down next to them. She asks about Grover and Marnie mentions he’s asleep and that they gave him the formula and he liked it. Grover starts crying and Marnie is about to get up, but Hannah says she has it.

Hannah gets Grover and she tries to breastfeed him and he finally latches on. Hannah smiles as the credits roll.

Post thoughts:

After watching this show for six years, in all honesty I felt this series finale was overwhelming. I wasn’t expecting a happy fairy tale ending, because I know the show has never been that. But just the fact we didn’t get to see all the girls in the series finale (kinda disappointed me) and yeah I get that they got their endings in the previous episode, but it just felt off not to have them included. And I truly wish we could’ve seen the guys or at least Elijah. I get that this was Hannah’s journey, but all through this finale she was acting like a child…until the very end and yet I’m supposed to believe everything will be alright? But this wasn’t my story to tell. I just wish there could have been a more satisfying ending. But sometimes things don’t work out that way with the shows we watch.