Surprise! Special edition podcast here for all you Riverdale fans! I recently guested with Sticky Keys, who has been doing the recaps for the show, on the Becaon Hills After Dark podcast where we talked all things Riverdale! We also were joined by the great Latoya, who writes for the AV Club and

In Which StickyKeys, Terence (@lenoirauteur) & Special Guest Latoya (@lafergs) discuss:

  • Mrs. Grundy Blues
  • The Scott McCall of it All
  • Archie Andrews: Eff Boy Supreme
  • Do the writers know Archie is terrible? We think they do
  • Kevin & the Sheriff
  • Cheryl’s Suicidal Tendencies
  • Disenfranchised Youths
  • The finale
  • Hermione’s Journey
  • Veronica Lodge XOXO
  • The Latino Hodges
  • Fred Andrews name is Emmet and he ain’t in it
  • Kevin’s Hookups in the Woods
  • Beronica
  • Whats going to break-up Bughead?
  • Eichen House Triggers
  • We Love Betty!
  • Polly Problems (Those Daily Milkshakes)
  • Incest is Best?
  • Jughead’s bliss

Check out StickyKeys at and @bhadpodcast on Twitter/IG

Terence at and @lenoirauteur on Twitter. He is producing a webseries and details can be found here:…ps-lgbt-horror#/

Latoya’s work can be found on the and as well as other places. Check her out on Tumblr: (feel free to show some donation love to a struggling freelancer!) and on Twitter: @lafergs