Just like Gerard Argent, when you thought we were dead we pop up again. Micah and Terence decided to come back to do one final podcast for Teen Wolf’s series finale and revive the Demon Wolfcast for a one night only special. In this episode, we catch up on each other’s lives since we stopped doing the podcast, then dig into the utterly trash Teen Wolf series finale, with lots of asides to previous seasons and questions that we have. We breakdown Jeff Davis’ interview with the Hollywood Reporter before closing out this final episode with some Sterek fic recs. For the final time, the Demon Wolfcast is signing off.

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My Fic Recs
Tiny Houses
Haven’t Forgotten My Way Home
That Which You Cannot Undo

Micha’s Fic Recs
But Then What
Putty in Your Hands
Every Step You Take
The Giving Tree – Only Read this if you dare
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