We always live up to our title but this week dear listeners, oh this week, do we live up to the title. An hour and half of Ramblin On goodness is here for you to partake in as we discuss the myriad of ways the world seems to have gone to hell since we last recorded. In this episode, we dig into some news and trailers, before diving in to how Harvey Weinstein’s many wrongs have affected the lives of his victims and how the industry will move forward or not. We then transition into a chat about the problematic films Blade Runner 2049 and Wind River and the new Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok. We end with our most anticipated segment yet, our list of celebrity husbands.

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Kate Winslet in Avatar
David oyelowo in cyrano the moor
New Alfonso Cuaron Movie and TV series: http://variety.com/2017/film/festivals/alfonso-cuaron-on-the-lumiere-fest-the-shape-of-water-1202590536/

Trailer Talk: Star Wars: Last Jedi, She’s Gotta Have It, The New Mutants, Black Panther

Harvey Weinstein Mess and Hollywood

Movie Reviews: Blade Runner, Wind River, God’s Own Country, The Babysitter, Thor: Ragnarok
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Foundational Five
Celebrity Husbands