Marvel’s Runaways debuted the first three episodes of it’s first season on Hulu. One of the most anticipated series that premiered this year, the show basically follows the kids of parents who are a part of a shadowy organization and what happens when they find out. I watched all three episodes last night and was severely underwhelmed. Let’s dig in.

The Good
-The characters’ potential. I hesitate to say the characters cause I still have some major issues with them, but I will say that I think these characters have some interesting places to go.

-The premise. I must say that I really do love the premise of the show and at times the show reveals what will make this interesting.

-The messy ass parents. CHILE, if this show ever gets going then the parents will be best served. They are already messy as hell with connections to gangs, sleeping with other spouses, being awful. It’s juicy.

-Gert’s power. Controlling a dinosaur seems really cool.

The Bad
-The dialogue. Gadzooks was this dialogue on the nose. It also wasn’t incredibly character specific, which might be it’s most egregious error. I get wanting to embrace the new age terminology, but yall gotta dig a little deeper. Gert in particular feels like a walking Tumblr blog and I refuse to believe that kids go around spouting these kind of diatribes in real life.

-The black guy’s hair. It has made subtle improvements but if they don’t get this baby a comb and some coconut oil.

The Ugly
-The narrative structure and pacing. The first three episodes set a worrying precedent in terms of how the story is planning to play out. All of the time jumps, the fact that the first three episodes seemingly take place over two days but don’t feel like they have any urgency, the plot beats….it was rough.

What did you all think?