I might as well dub the Best TV Shows of 2017 the year of the newcomer as the new television series that dropped this past year pretty much blew the established guard out of the water in my opinion. It’s not to say returning series weren’t good, like my beloved Game of Thrones and Trollhunters, just that the new kids on the block offered something fresh and exciting.

Particularly when it comes to series that weren’t in the English language. This year, with the help of Netflix, saw a record number of international television shows make their way stateside and man am I grateful. Four of my ten choices aren’t in english and two of them hail from Germany, a country producing some of the most fascinating and troubling shows (is incest going to be a serious plot in every show?). I hope that over the holiday break, folks will get to check these out (The Crown, Dark, Man to Man, Manhunt: Unabom, Mindhunter, and The Same Sky are all streaming on Netflix now) but for now, enjoy my list of the Best TV Shows of 2017.


Best TV Shows of 2017

Big Little Lies
The Crown
Man to Man
Manhunt: Unabom
My Hero Academia
The Same Sky
Star Trek Discovery

What shows did you love this year?