The final 2017 film post! With this, I look back at the scenes that made the strongest impact on me. These choices are not an endorsement of the films but more a great montage of moments that made the movie year. Onward to 2018!

Sean tells story of how he got HIV, BPM
A super late breaking entry to the list came with the last film I watched in 2017. This movie has some superb transitions and juxtapositions, and this scene of Nathan telling his lover about his first lover who got him sick is staged so well and beautifully shot.

Finding the Toy, Blade Runner 2049
Ryan Gosling’s performance in this movie is so freaking good and the storyline of his character questioning whether or not he’s a real boy chrystalizes in this exsquisite moment. I was just as shook as he was.

Threesome, Blade Runner 2049
Blade Runner 2049 is full of many amazing visuals but the threesome with Joy is some of the coolest use of technology that I’ve seen. Evn though it’s plot relevance got kinda messed up by a later reveal, it was still great.

Love My Way, Call Me By Your Name
I am a bit cooler on this movie than most but this first scene is just absolute cinema magic. Watching Elio really succumb to his inital like of Oliver while also maintaining his cover and hitting a smooth body roll was everything. I reallu lovd how Guadagnino used this very simple scene to advance plot and character without beating us over the head with it.

Jason Statham. On a Plane., Fate of the Furious
The ice chase was fun, but the scene of Jason Statham on a plane trying to tak folks out to rescue a baby was some of the most fun I had in a theater all year.

Self Destruct Escape, Geostorm
Y’all know I love a disaster movie and although this one is garbage, the seuqence of the final two astronauts trying to avoid blowing up was some smart, thrilling filmmaking.

Party Scene, Get Out
As a black man, I was triggered. As a film fan, I was enthralled. Few directors have nailed how microaggressions look and feel to the people they are aimed at. Jordan Peele takes this, adds a layer of satire, and dread once the camera flash goes off.

Time Loop and Note Reading, A Ghost Story
This might be cheating as this really is a multiscene montage but it works in concert with each other and ends so beautifully that I’m putting it here.

Reunion, God’s Own Country
This movie just got under my skin and there are tons of scenes from this movie I could choose but watching the main character humble his wig, accept himself, and be brave enough to go after his man was truly wonderful.

Tonya gets banned, I, Tonya
When I, Tonya slows down it’s at its strongest and this scene, focusing on Tonya Harding’s banning from skating is a really great showcase for Margot Robbie and a heartbreaking end for Tonya.

Final Goodbye, Loev
I might not have been a fan of the rape and the subsequent brushing over the movie did of it, but character wise, watching two friends/lovers go their separate ways and the endless pleading of one to not leave knocked me flat on my back.

Moment of Peace before Death, The Lost City of Z
I drag Charlie Hunnam every other day but my god did he deliver something special with this moment. The simple act of comforting one’s son in the face of danger gave this movie a heart I didn’t know it had and Hunnam his finest performance to date.

Craziness before Birth, mother!
The entire third act of this movie is just absolutely bannas but the virtuoso camerawork and towering JLaw performance as her character goes into labor takes the cake.

Tom Cruise Running, The Mummy
Scenes where Tom Cruise runs are among the most delightful in cinema and this one is going in my top 10.

Admitting to Poisoning, Phantom Thread
Paul Thomas Anderson does a wonderful job in this movie of setting up expectations and then hitting you with something you weren’t expecting. I was absolutely here for Alma poisoning Reynolds the first time it happened, even if it would have ended his death, so when she does it again, and admits it to Reynolds…just amazing. Even greater was the reaction and subsequent scenes.

Zords Run, Power Rangers
For brilliance in execution of nostalgia.

You’ll Never Know, The Shape of Water
I literally gasped when Eliza went from signing to using her voice to flat out singing a beautiful song which led to a wonderful black and white dance number. Del Toro builds this moment so beautifully and directs with such a deft hand that I couldn’t help but swoon.

Car Chat, Spider-man: Homecoming
The moment of the movie was seeing Vulture to be revealed as the father of Peter Parker’s love interest, but the scene of them in the car both with her and without are so freaking tense because they not only use the protective father trope, but give us the perfect villain for Peter.

Barry to Dennis, Split
James McAvoy is one of the most underrated actors working today but even I was shocked at just how brilliant he was in Split. Watching one of his personalities slowly give way to another all in a single take closeup was extraordinary.

Condom Negotiation, The Square
Ruben Ostund knows how to create awkward situations but my god was I shrinking in my seat as I watched Claes Bang and Elisabeth Moss argued over a condom. Just awful wonderful stuff.

Removing the Bandages, Stronger
This might be the scene of the year, at least it’s certainly the most intense scene. What’s so great about this moment is how cringe worthy it is because all of the elements are working together: Gyllenhaal screams and deep breaths, Maslany’s intensity, and the briliance of the camera placement keeping the action out of focus and our focus on the two characters.

Bud Cooper interviews Rose, Suburbicon
This movie is utterly terrible and infuriating but you cannot keep two good actors down. Oscar Isaac is brilliant at slowly letting the audience in on his character’s motivations and Julianne Moore is equally as brilliant as a woman who lets too much slip.

Culpable Monologue, Three Billboards outside Ebbings, Missouri
The more I think about this film the less I like it, but this moment just towers above the film. Frances McDormand was made to go off against priests who think they are holier than thou and I live for a good read of those who think they know better.

Evil Villain Cackle, Wonder Woman
This is the briefest moment on the list but few moments matched the sheer hilarity of Wonder Woman allowing its villains a moment to revel in their evilness.

No Man’s Land, Wonder Woman
I cannot believe that these hoes at Warner Bros actually tried to cut this scene from the movie at one point because it’s one of the finest moments in all of superhero movie history. Watching Diana shed her coat and step into the fray and become Wonder Woman was amazing, thrilling, and epic.

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