More awards show nominations! The SAG Awards announced their nominations today and naturally I have many thoughts. Let’s talk about it!

The Good
1. Black people everywhere. So many black performers and projects were nominated and it’s such a wonderful sight to see. Gonna be tough watching many of them face off like Sterling and Courtney in Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries.

2. La La Land not making it into Ensemble. This has nothing to do with the quality of the film or it’s Oscar chances, but this isn’t an ensemble film. It’s the Gosling-Stone show.

3. Emily Blunt isn’t making the Oscar short list but her performance in The Girl on the Train is really good so it’s nice to see her get some love.

4. My girl Millie Bobby Brown got nominated for Actress in a TV Series!

5. I want to see a Celebrity Death Match between the noms of Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series.

The Bad
1. Were there no comedies other than Big Bang Theory and Modern Family that could have taken their ensemble slots?

2. I’m tired of SAGs extremely outdated rules regarding who is counted in the ensemble. The two youngest versions of Chiron and Kevin are not among the Moonlight nominated actors simply because they share a title card, despite the fact that they are in a third of the film. The SAG Awards should have like an appeals process where you can advocate on behalf of your other ensemble members.

The Ugly
1. Thank God we’re finally gonna be free of Downton Abbey getting major awards show nominations. I’m tired of that show.

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