Another day another list where people have wracked their brains to decide what’s best. This time it’s the BBC asking people to list their 10 Best Films of the Century. It will be an interesting list to be sure when the whole thing drops in August. The best way to respond to a list is with a list of your own, so here we are. I’ve done some recent organizing from the Top 10 films of the Decade So Far and my yearly update of the Greatest Movies You Need to See and even with how hard those were, this one took the cake. I purposefully did not include any films from 2015 because they haven’t settled in just yet in terms of their impact. Also, making this list was hard enough as it was without having to have 2 more films (Ex Machina and Spotlight) in the competition.

Everyone’s list is different, and mine is certainly a Terence Johnson list. If you want to argue, argue with your mother. If you want a discussion, please add your list in the comments below!

My List

  1. A Separation (2011)
  2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
  3. Volver (2006)
  4. Weekend (2011)
  5. Pride and Prejudice (2005)
  6. Chicago (2002)
  7. Cloud Atlas (2012)
  8. Black Swan (2010)
  9. Foxcatcher (2014)
  10. The Social Network (2010)

I low-key did not realize when I first made this list that the first three were in a foreign language or that the highest American film is all the way down at #6 with Chicago. I honestly don’t know if that’s my subconscious talking about the quality of American films or not. I’m going to go with not for the time being as it’s hard for any movie to supplant those world shattering successes at the top.

Alt Choices: The Way He Looks (2014), Casino Royale (2006), Little Children (2006), District 9 (2009), Avatar (2009), Y Tu Mama Tambien (2002), Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), The Incredibles (2004), Spider-Man 2 (2004), The Conjuring (2013), Boyhood (2014), Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003), No Country for Old Men (2007)

What are your top 10 films of the 21st century?

One thought on “Top 10 Films of the 21st Century”

  1. This is an interesting list, and yes, a very Terence one.

    It’s kind of funny because I don’t think any of these would be in my top 10, and there are a couple that I actually despise. But I am very much in the minority on those, as evidenced by their Oscar nominations.

    I need to figure out my list, but I have so many “favorites” that a top 10 is going to be difficult…

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