The first nominations that really matter to the awards season are here! The Golden Globes announced their nominees and as per usual they are an interesting bag. Many people love to drag the Golden Globes, but historically they have provided some great winners and interesting nominees. Anyways, lets take a look at them!

The Good
1) The Crown, Game of Thrones, and Big Little Lies getting nominated
2) All the love for Get Out. Kaluuya!
3) The Shape of Water leading nominations. Such a great movie and I’m glad to see it doing well.
4) This isn’t necessarily good, but I love that Ridley Scott cut Kevin Spacey from his movie, reshot his scenes with Plummer, and nabbed 3 nominations. If that aint a sign you can get back people the fuck up outta here and win, I don’t know what is.

The Bad
1) Ansel Elgort. What did Hanselandgretel Elgort do in this movie that was worthy of a nomination? chile…

2) Three Billboards getting anything outside Rockwell and McDormand. This movie will be fighting an upward battle against the backlash the whole season, and rightfully so. I can’t fault them for nominating the actors, but the script leaves much to be desired.

3) This is not necessarily bad, but I did expect to see Call Me By Your Name get more love from this group. Missing director, screenplay, and song is tough when the movie is supposed to be so well loved.

The Ugly
1) No love for The Big Sick when you have categories specifically designed for comedy is tough. Were the people in it not famous enough?

2) The TV supporting categories are a joke. Why are we still combining comedy, drama, miniseries, and movie into one category? That’s foolish.

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