Another day, another set of nominations for year end movie awards. The SAG Awards are perhaps the most important of the various guilds that will pick winners because actors make up the largest branch of the Academy (although SAG has way more members). As the actors go so do the Oscars. The film ensemble nomination is crucial to your film’s Best Picture chances. You don’t necessarily have to win the award but not being nominated can maybe spell doom for your film like La La Land. This season has been so crazy, but your Best Picture winner is probably among these films: The Big Sick, Get Out, Lady Bird, Three Billboards outside Ebbings, Missouri, and Mudbound.

The Good

  1. Get Out is primed and ready for a really serious run at Oscar landing ensemble and Kaluuya in Lead Actor.
  2. Love that GLOW is getting love in its first awards go round; the acting on that show is really delightful.

The Bad

  1. Dunkirk missing in ensemble. It’s rightly nominated for stunts but I rally thought the film would land in the ensemble category given that the work in the movie acting wise is nice. Plus it had so many famous people!
  2. Three Billboards. We are going to be heading towards an ugly awards season with this film in serious contention cause it’s the only one of the big contenders that has stuff actively going against it. However, the actors clearly love this picture. I’m not shocked that Harrelson made it, but I do think that spot could have gone to someone else.
  3. I love Peter Dinklage a lot but he was not the best actor on Game of Thrones this season. That honor, and his nomination, should have gone to Kit Harrington.
  4. This isn’t a bad, but I am surprised Daniel Day Lewis didn’t make it in.

The Ugly

  1. Every year SAG releases their ensemble nominations and every year some really key actor gets left out of the noms because of their solo title card rules. This year presented an egregious snubbing with Betty Gabriel and LilRel Howery not among the cast cited for Get Out. The fact this film could win ensemble without its two crucial pieces among the number is crazy. Nathanial Rodgers has done a great job of documenting this problem through the years and SAG really needs to take a look at their process or at least offer appeals.

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