First, let me apologize for this episode being late. Technology can sometimes trip up the most efficient of plans, as it did when my graphics card died and didn’t get restored till late Monday, which is why the Demon Wolfcast is coming to you today. Anyways, we get into a fabulous discussion about the latest Teen Wolf episode. We cover everything, character by character, including the awesomeness of kitsune powers, who the Benefactor could be, and our actual, somewhat well planned thoughts on Braeden and Derek doing the horizontal mambo. Enjoy!


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9 thoughts on “Demon Wolfcast Episode 38 “Ebony, Ivory and an Evil Macbook Pro””

  1. Love the new format of going character by character. I think you should keep doing that. Impose some sense on the nonsense!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m kind of liking the new format so it’ll stick around for at least one more episode I think 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you. I really, really, really, really, like 500% want to enjoy Breaden and Dreanden (for that fact), but the way they have written their progression I just can’t get on board. I just…. maybe I want to see more screen time, more character development or maybe just more relationship dev. to happen before they jump in the sack.

    1. the shame about derek and braeden is that they only need a few more scenes to get me on board but the show continues to stop before then

  3. I love your podcast. I look as forward to your podcast as I do to the actual show. Just a few things about this recent episode. I think it was established in the first season that Lidia, Jackson, Danny and Alison were a year ahead of Scott/Stiles. And mountain ash has to be a closed circuit to keep werewolves in or out. So as long as a window/door without mountain ash in front of it is available they can enter at will

    1. So by that, Lydia will be graduating by the end of the season? I try not to think too much about the timeline but I feel like they change things for their benefit.

      And thanks for the mountain ash note, although I still don’t know how Liam could just bust out the window lmao

  4. Jesus I’ve been calling Kate being Malia’s mom for a while now and if it happens I am going to set Jill Wagners house on fire. Shes too messy for me and I’m sick of seeing her every week on Wolf Watch. I don’t care who the Benefactor is hell it could be another alive Hale family member.

  5. Deaton’s Clinic was made from Mountain ash, and Scott could go in and out during previous seasons. Scott’s house was refitted with Mountain Ash floorboards (where they got money for that I have no idea) during the whole Nogitsune Arc. The point is that buildings made from Mountain Ash don’t automatically repel supernatural creatures, they have to be “activated”first, with Deaton it was the door thingie, with Scott’s house it was throwing mountain ash on the front door which I think is similar to the Lakehouse since the mountain ash that Lydia threw created a line on the floor of the lakehouse.

    I agree with you with the whole Kira thing. She needs to own being the Kitsune. Having said that, I think she needs to keep a safe distance from the front lines. A kitsune is a trickster spirit, mythology states trickster spirits rarely if ever fight battles head on, they study their prey and then create situations (illusory or otherwise) to create an opening for them to finish the enemy or just watch in glee as the enemy offs itself. much like how the Nogitsune used his powers to use the issues the werewolves had with one another to create chaos. The katana cool looking and all but when will she start lobbing lightning bolts at enemies?that i wanna see.

    I also agree that Jeff Davis needs to make good use of Tyler H. (didn’t know how to spell his last name correctly) acting ability. Derek Hale is a great character that its sad the writers are just not taking advantage of his potential. His a born werewolf with a tragic past and all the writers do with him is to make him go around shirtless (not complaining, just saying) and hooking up with mass murdering psycho bitches. As Dylan O’Brien said in one interview, “How about getting to know them first before sleeping with them?”

    Sorry for rambling and shitty grammar, English isn’t my native language.

    1. This read pretty legible to me! No need to apologize for the language.

      It looks like I was wrong about the mountain ash, although I do maintain the show can’t figure out its werewolf rules lol

      and omg YES to your lightning bolt throwing idea.

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