Last night’s episode of Teen Wolf has given the Demon Wolfcast much to mull over and we get into some wonderful discussion about demonic puddles, nogitsune o faces and a gigantic reveal. At the end we do get into a brief discussion of some fandom things and recap Days of the Wolf convention.


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Episode 3.19 Recap

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10 thoughts on “Demon Wolfcast Episode 24 “Nogitsune O Faces””

  1. I agree whole-heartedly with what you said in the podcast. I agree that what was said was tactless. I also think that it was extremely damaging to the fandom, damaging to Sterek fans because of what said and damaging to non-sterek shippers in the way that they are now trying to defend Posey.

    Those things were said with most likely frustration with the question being asked repeatedly, but I also agree with what you said, in ‘why is this so bizarre’? Why is it so strange that people want to see themselves in fictional characters and fictional relationships? I think the only thing we can do now is wait for what Posey will say next. Will he continue with another interview like nothing happened, or will he come forward and rephrase what he said.

    I do believe that the mere use of the words ‘weird, bizarre, and twisted’ show that he doesn’t quite understand how, what, and why people ship things.

    Personally, my biggest concern is the people in the fandom right now. Not the people who are up in arms about what he said or about trying to defend him, but the people who produce sterek fanfictions, art, music, and videos. These are people who were told that the things they choose to put their time and passion into are weird, bizarre and twisted. These are the people that I truly feel for.

  2. Loved the podcast!
    I’m still on the Allison is the second Kitsune train.
    Heres a short list of reasons
    *Yeah Stiles was gone 2 days but that was a very intricate plan for someone even a Kitsune to do buy themselves
    *Jarred said “they” told him not to move
    * Chris was looking for Stiles for 2 days and we find out that Stiles “stole” the ommiters. If he was in the Argents apartment Derek would of smelled him as soon as he broke in. But who is able to move freely in the apartment and take stuff? Allison.
    * The first thing Nogitsu-Stiles mentioned was that Scott took some of Issacs pain. Scott did not mention it the whole time he was with Stiles, but again who was there with Scott. Allison.
    *Also when Peter compared Allison to Kate, Allison barely blinked. Any other time she would of flinched at least a little bit. That was her whole conflict at the beginning of 3a was BECOMING like Kate.
    * So Silverfinger is dead. Why would Stiles kill him and set up Derek and Chris? Stiles and even Nogitsu-Stiles has had no contact or prior contact with Silverfinger because he was sedated the whole time, but who again had contact with him, Allison.
    *”Even if it’s your own daughter” I think Silverfinger knew more than he was saying at the moment.
    * When Nogisu-Stiles saw the arrow hit coach he was SURPRISED. That’s not a reaction to something you do yourself.
    *Also who just L.O.V.E.S arrows, Allison.
    Also if you look at all the seasons of TeenWolf so far there has ALWAYS been two villans.
    Season 1: Peter and Kate
    Season 2: Matt/Jackson and Gerrard
    Season 3a: Alpha Pack and the Darrach
    Season 3b: Nogitsu-Stiles and ??????
    I maybe reading a little too much into this but I know a damn red herring when I see one and Stiles is the biggest one I’ve seen.

    1. Oh I totally think something is up with Allison as she’s been too removed from all of the major action with Stiles and the Oni

  3. Just listened to the podcast and wanted to add a little.

    First about Peter being a father. I was totally aboard the Game of Thrones train–I completely thought it meant that Peter was Derek’s father and I about lost it. On the list of things I don’t want, that is something I hadn’t thought about until that moment but that is right behind Allisaac.

    But onto the Sterek and Posey issue. I agree with what you said about how it seemed to stem from an irritation from being asked the same question numerous times, as well as the fact that it has nothing to do with his direct character. I can understand the frustration on his part, but I wish he would have used a little bit more tact in his answer.

    The real issue is that Teen Wolf reaches out to the Sterek shippers for almost every contest–which you guys had a podcast about earlier. And if you choose to do that, which I personally believe is really unfair because you are literally giving nothing to Sterek shippers yet expecting them to gain you viewers and votes–you have to be prepared for the fall out of then having the idea of Sterek catch on with the mainstream media. This is what I believe is happening here.

    The idea of shipping is not new, like you both said. It has been around and will continue to be around because it’s about interaction with something you love. It’s about being able to see yourself as a certain character or with a certain character. It’s about wanting to see the characters you love happy and not alone. It’s a completely normal response and at the end of the day, who is it hurting? I mean, if I ever wrote something that cause fans to interact with fanfic or fanart or really anything, I would be happy because it shows that people are invested in my characters and the world I’ve created.

    I just think Posey doesn’t fully understand how hurtful to a lot of people his comments were and hopefully we’ll get some sort of response from him in regards to it to clarify what exactly was going through his head.

    (Sorry, I have so many thoughts about this. And your comments about Supernatural right now, absolutely spot on. I am so tempted to write a script and send it to them to say, please use me as a writer or at the very least consult me cause your plot lines are all over the place!)

    1. No need to apologize for long comments, I like reading them! And yeah its funny the relationship this show has with it’s fans. Like they NEED the word of mouth and the rabidness of the fans, and they know they’ll get that with Sterek, but it is starting to bite them in the ass.

      And I completely agree with you on the “who is it hurting” thing cause honestly, when he signed that new deal I’m sure those sterek eyeballs weren’t hurting his paychecks.

  4. Also about Posey he could of worded it better but he has every right to feel the way he does. Sterek has nothing to do with his character and alot of the time he gets pushed to the back burner and hes the actual star of the show. I feel really bad for him he loves the show and loves what he does but as a whole the entire cast minus Dylan and sometimes Hoechlin are very under appreciated and overlooked.

  5. As someone who only watches television simply for the story in general, I find all this fandom stuff pretty interesting and yet daunting to comprehend. Perhaps someone can explain it to me down the line why ships among others things surrounding around the fandom world is so important?

    1. Haha it is daunting. To explain in the simplest terms, people get attached to their ships much how they get attached to characters on the show. Especially nowadays with website dedicated to fan fiction and the prevalence of fandoms on tumblr, it’s given people not just a space to like something they like, but to be creative as well with writing fics, doing artwork and interacting.

      Shipping a non canon (aka hasn’t happend on the show) slash pairing is a tenuous thing because you know full well it won’t happen, but still like it anyways. So to have the star of the show basically call the people who watch his show solely for that reason is a big deal, particularly cause these people already feel ostracized for their love of said ship (Supernatural went through this like two years ago with the Dean/Castiel issues) People get invested in things and when someone attacks that thing it feels personal.

      In this situation this show would not be what it is without the fans of the Sterek pairing. About middle of season 2 there was a boom in viewership due to this newly discovered Sterek fandom, which has turned into the most vocal part of the fandom, even as they are given 0 hope for it panning out on the show lol So basically Posey found a quick way to alienate a good chunk of the ardent fans of the show in one 3 minute clip

      Hope that explains it

      1. Yeah that actually makes sense now along with the Xena+Gabby reference on the podcast. I just tend to stay away from spoilery related things in general of television shows in general as it often conflicts with the overall enjoyment of the show for me.

  6. Honestly? My immediate reaction was “lol, those are some sour grapes bro.” And to a certain extent I get his frustration. It must suck that his costars are the main draw for the media and a large portion of the fandom. It must suck that Davis consistently belittles him while praising his costars. And hey, I get frustrated when people ask me the same question over and over again too. But! Don’t take it out on your fans. They are not obligated to love you or your character the most and acting like a butt about something you know they love is not cool and is not going to endear you to them. It’s especially problematic for him to put down Sterek that way when you, me, Posey, and the baby Jesus know that Davis and the PR crew use the Sterek fandom when it suits them and then slaps them down hard when they ask for anything in return.

    He should also check his language because even though I feel comfortable saying that he’s not homophobic (he has no problem pushing slash ships that Scott is a part of), words like “twisted” and “bizarre” coming from a straight man about a slash ship is super not ok. Even if he ~didn’t mean it. Which, LOL at the Posey stans, generally the first to cry “intent isn’t magic and words can be super hurtful” at Sterek stans, falling all over themselves to create excuses for their favorite. Dude said some unfortunate crap and he’s getting called on it. Learn to deal kids. Posey, like Holland, seems to get a free pass for icky things that he says.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think Posey is super bitter, with some valid and not so valid reasons, about Sterek and his treatment from Davis/the media/the fandom, but in his position he either needs to learn to talk about these issues critically without being insulting or keep his mouth shut.

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