We here at the Demon Wolfcast LIVE for episodes of Teen Wolf like last night’s “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.” It’s probably why this is the longest episode of the podcast that we’ve done. Micah and I breakdown he fantastic episode, talk in depth about the big Darach reveal, and give a few brief words on the concept of “adult love”. Enjoy!


Theory about werewolf age: http://lenoirauteur.tumblr.com/post/56241825994/janape-someone-on-my-dash-mentioned-moon-cycles

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9 thoughts on “Demon Wolfcast Episode 9 “Teen Wolf Darachs Our World””

  1. Jennifer is a conundrum. But I have a few theories, which is all we ever have, of course. First, origins- I think she was an emissary of one of the alphas in the pack, who killed all their packs (including the emissaries) by slashing them to pieces, and she was discovered in the woods, slashed up. I think, specifically, she may have been the emissary to the twins’ pack. Secondly, I think she gets powers that somehow are derived by the groups she succeeds in sacrificing (strength from warriors, regeneration from healers, etc) and virgins? Maybe aura of innocence, attraction to people, like a ‘glamour’. This may also explain Derek’s reaction to her, and why it seemed off. He may have been sort of ‘under the influence’.

    This also explains maybe the kiss, right as she says ‘virgins’, trying maybe to do the same to the Sheriff, but (he’s practically clenching his jaw, eyes tightly closed), it doesn’t work, and I think it both shocks her, and it dissipates her ‘glamour’, for him, at least, which makes him see her for what she really is. It ties together so much that makes it seem almost like 6th Sense, where only once you get the big reveal, then you look back and say, “Wow, NOW it makes SENSE.’ Both the weirdness of her responses to Derek, AND his reactions to her, etc.

    1. this comment is amazing lol I think your theories about Jennifer are spot on, I really like the one about her taking power from the people she kills. As far as Derek goes, it might just be me, but I don’t think Jennier cast a spell on him for some reason. Maybe it’s cause I don’t want her to be that calculating, but I think there are “genuine feelings” there between the two of them. Derek probably latched onto her because she was an innocent he could save and then a booty call he could have, although I don’t think Derek is mentally grown enough to understand she’s just a booty call lol

      1. That’s possible. I mean, we are so tough on the guy, but (despite being a werewolf), if you think of him as the 20-something guy, he’s got to be lonely, and heck, who hasn’t made bad relationship decisions? Ok, not ‘evil druid’ bad…but, hey, she was nice to HIM, which is better than some other bad relationships where people justify s/o’s who cheat, insult, etc.

        It may be interesting over the next few episodes to figure out what, if anything, she feels for Derek. I’m pretty sure her ‘human sacificing’ ways are a deal-breaker for him, though.

        About Cora’s ‘dying’, I wonder if there’s more at play than severe head trauma, and if it may directly relate to the Darach, and her ability to apparently teleport mistletoe into people’s stomachs.

        Finally, I want to see Stiles MAKE that weapon. Can’t deny it.

  2. I have so many thoughts on this episode.

    I KNEW IT! I knew from day one that Ms. Blake was the Darach and I feel so vindicated in my love of her now. And she totally killed it in this episode, slinking around and getting her stab on. Bianca Lawson totally killing it, too. Love to see those two throw down.

    After this episode, I am about 80% sure that Ethan will be another dropped body by the end of this season. He’s going to sacrifice himself for Danny or to defeat one of the 15 villains they’ve got running around. Not sure if I think Decaulian is going to die, though. Not when Gerard and Peter are still breathing.

    I have a bone to pick with miss Cora Fail. I don’t where she gets off calling people out for not doing anything. Bich! Where have you been for all these years? You just going to step to an alpha and get your ass beat? That’s your plan? If you’re gonna give someone grief for not doing anything, look to your brother. He’s been dick deep in Darach while 12 or 15 people died.

    Hardcore shipping Allisaac. Really feeling it. Like it way more than Scott and Allison. I need a retread of the dinner scene from Season 1 where Isaac has to come over and have diner with Allison and Chris and maybe they wheel in Grandpa Gore and Mama Argent’s spectre gets sassy in the background and Chris totally torments Isaac.

    R.I.P. Cop lady. Somebody warn that Asian actress they’re going to hire for next season not to get herself a mortgage with the new paycheck, because there is not a lot of job security for the people of color on this show.

    1. “He’s been dick deep in Darach while 12 or 15 people died.” Sir…LMFAOOOOOO

      And boo Allisaac. I think it’d be weird to have Isaac and Scott get close only to have Isaac try and bone his ex. Also I want these to be the end game pairings: scallison, scisaac or scallisaac.

      Ethan dying would be interesting but I don’t want everyone on this show to lose a lover lol

    2. For Derek, we do have to be fair. My problem is more that he did the typical ‘young and in love’ thing of getting involved too much and ignored other things (Not the first and only, looking at YOU, Scott, when Stiles was trying to Kanimas and drowning)… but it is really easy for us to claim that somehow Derek should have known…what? That the English teacher is an evil druid? To be fair, there really wasn’t anything HE would have seen from his interactions (we have the ‘omniscient narrator’ view, he didn’t) that would have said ‘Hey, this chick’s an evil druid’. *laugh*

      But yeah, Cora was pretty harsh for someone who got to take a 6 year vacation from crazy town.

  3. Got an ‘Alpha Twin’ and Morell theory too. I think that the events of ‘Visionary’ took place (Neither Peter nor Gerard really date it) more than 10 years ago. Closer to 20 (styles, etc, Peter’s ‘Backstreet Boys’ hairstyle, lack of tacky ultra-lowrise jeans..) So, when Deucalion, Kali and Ennis turned on their packs and emissaries was at that time.

    I think the twins were later. They weren’t seen at all in that episode, even as omega whipping boys. I think their role was still officially outside a pack, but that a pack had sort of let them ‘hang around’, offering some protection from simply being killed, in return for them being treated like crap, but not getting the ‘beta boost’ of full membership. Decualion, perhaps seeing their unique ability and its potential, plays devil on their shoulder, gets them to do the ‘kill your way to uber-alphaness’, including their emissary…placing the time they kill THEIR emissary at about the same time as when ‘Jane Doe’ was found. So, besides being ticked off at being nearly killed and mutilated, she knows Deucalion’s strategy and sees him as the one who perverts and corrupts normal wolfpacks, etc, so goes on that vengeance path.

    Morell is easier…I think. Simply, she saw them KILL their emissaries. She’s one…she survives BY her cooperation, though she justifies it by claiming she’s ‘keeping them on a taut leash’, when she’s really just saving her own neck.

  4. I’m excited about Jennifer Blake being the Darach in that it’s awesome to watch the development of her character. I’ve never DISLIKED her, but know I have so many more feelings and questions about her!! (Background, motivations, intent, abilities, etc) Some of my biggest questions now are: given Haley Webb’s recent comments about the depth of love that Jennifer has for Derek (and that he has for her) and that something COOL is going to be revealed…are they going to continue this relationship? Was she maybe not manipulating him as so many Sterek shippers are theorizing? So is she really Paige? WTFF?!

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