So that episode…like…I don’t even…I got nothing. Hope you enjoy the Demon Wolfcast everyone.


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3.20 Recap
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10 thoughts on “Demon Wolfcast Episode 25 “Terrible Things are Terrible””

  1. This episode. I was actually pretty on board with Stiles losing his virginity. To me, it’s kind of like one of those things that a person experiences, and either it was good or it was bad.

    However, this instance of sexy times (assuming that they did) was just so ill timed and place. Not to mention the implications of Malia not being in society since she was nine. I can not stand by this whole off handed ‘oh guess what he’s not a virgin anymore lolol yolo #dealwithit’.

    Enough of that. This does bring some interesting questions though. Why was Malia in the institution to begin with? To deal with her guilt? To assimilate back into society?

    But on top of all those what was she looking for? Because Morrel asks her if she knows what to look for now when she was leaving.

    And what she carrying? That sort of longish object that was covered in cloth. Was it the sword that the corpse had?

    Does she really not know how to control the shift? She seemed to have a perfect command over her eyes with that devious grin at the end.

    I ask these things because in a lot of mythology (mainly Native American), coyotes are also tricksters.

  2. I didn’t have a problem with the Stiles/Malia implied sex.

    It seemed to me that the show made a deliberate decision that Malia is not going to be a nine year old in a teenagers body. Nothing about her language/bodylanguage/attitude indicated that she was anything other than a teenager that had gone through a traumatic experience. I think you can make the argument that she should be a nine year old in a teenagers body but that is not what she is IMO so her having sex with Stiles did not bother me. I also don’t think the gross conditions of the environment would bother her considering that she has been living in the wild for the last however many years it’s been. Being a coyote for years would also make Malia more likely to live in the moment and follow her instincts and “go for it”, so to speak.

    Stiles’ judgement is probably a little impaired considering all the physical and mental stress he was under so even if he normally wouldn’t have had sex with Malia in that situation (which I’m not sure is true), I did not have a problem with him going along with the hot girl wanted him to have sex with her as it played out in the episode.

    1. I get that the show is making a deliberate decision with her, I just don’t like it. At all. lol. Why would she even be thinking about sexing someone up after being a coyote since she was 9? The problem is that they keep using these uncomfortable out of place scenes to titilate the audience and it feels exploitative.

      I’m all for the concept of someone losing their virginity not being this big deal, but that moment felt so random and unnecessary. Like at least the Heather thing in 3A was set during a party, but Malia and Stiles stopping mid search in a crappy basement and sleeping together on a couch? That would be out of character for Scott (someone who routinely thinks with his other head), but it’s extremely out of place.

      But more than that, I find Stiles’ interactions with women/love interests/fuck buddies to be so strange. Like here’s this kid who couldn’t buy a girl’s attention and now 3 seasons in (and about 8 months of time) he’s all of a sudden got everyone jumping his bones?

      P.S. I was almost more angry at the fact that there was no condom in this implied sex scene than I was at the whole thing with Malia tbh lol

      1. I agree it would have been nice to see teenagers using a condom and being responsible about sex since this show is unusual in that it deals with a lot of mature situations/themes while at the same time having a relatively young, i.e. teenage, fanbase (I may be wrong about that though, I’m in my 30’s and there could be other shows like this that are just not on my radar). But maybe we will get “the talk” in a later episode…

        Stiles – Dad! I lost my virginity!
        Papa S. – Congratulations Son! Did you wrap it up?
        Stiles – No, we were in the basement of an insane asylum and there wasn’t time to go get one.
        Papa S. – What! Son, this is Beacon Hills! You don’t know what kind of crazy shit’s out there. You need to be responsible and wear a condom.
        Stiles – You’re right Dad. Thanks!

  3. Love your podcast. I’m just discovering it and have been doing some “binge listening” so forgive me if this question is directed to a comment from last week and not this week. On the topic of the now infamous Posey comments, I had to shut my office door so I could appropriately laugh at the idea of “tumbling” through it.

    Do you think that this approach will continue to hold up with the BiteCon right around the corner and with Comic Con a few months away? Both Jeff and Tyler P. are scheduled to be at the BiteCon. If they took a similar approach to Days of the Wolf, fans were allowed to ask questions without any pre-screening. Similarly, a few lucky people will get a chance at the Comic-Con panel to ask questions without any subject limitation. I would think that those would be two situations where they can’t sidestep the issue. Both are over a month away, but there’s been so much discussion among fans and so little by anyone on behalf of the show, I don’t see this being off the radar in April when BiteCon rolls around.

    If I was donning my white hat and doing my best Olivia Pope impression, I’d tell them it would be way better to acknowledge the situation now and just deal with it directly while they have the time and space to help shape the narrative. I would rather go into the conventions with a statement on the record and would just refer people back to that when asked questions. I’m sure there will be some media prep and coaching in advance of both, but I would prefer to have already addressed the subject on my own accord – rather than doing so when I’m on the spot and have no other choice.

    PS – Good luck with your BiteCon submission. It’s a great topic. I hope you get picked!

    1. Thanks for listening and I am glad you laughed at the tumbling through it joke. It really is a great way to explain what’s happening lol

      Part of the reason I’m so confused that he hasn’t put out a statement is because of the big conventions coming up, especially BiteCon. Like…do they think we’re just going to forget about this when everyone is in a room with Posey? Or even more than that, in an exclusive meeting with Jeff? Not likely and I wouldn’t be surprised if this drama flares up again. It probably won’t happen at Comic-Con cause they prescreen the questions there but BiteCon is ripe for something to happen.

      If I were to put my Olivia Pope hat on, I’d have had Posey make a statement apologizing for his poor word choice like the day after it happened. He can certainly have an opinion but you don’t have to be harsh about it. This way we could just move on cause right now he just looks like a petulant child everyone is enabling.

      The funny thing about media prep is I feel like the entire cast, crew, even the PR people get prepped and yet they still keep stepping on toes lol Maybe they really should call in Olivia Pope

  4. You guys are hilarious and I always enjoy your recaps, even though I don’t usually comment.

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the show until today but I was on tumblr for the uproar over the Malia/Stiles scene, and after watching it, all I can say is…I didn’t get the impression they had sex? I mean, the whole fadeout thing probably means that Jeff can decide later how “far” they really went, but I just got the sense that they were fooling around and penetration didn’t happen. The timing was bizarre to me, but I can see 2 foolish and horny teenagers taking advantage of some alone time and grabbing something good – even if it’s not what I would do in the same circumstances. And lbr, Dylan O’Brien would even have chemistry with a fence post – in fact, hell, I’d watch him make out with a fence post, shit! So although the whole thing was super abrupt, I could dig the tension between them. Would I like it to have happened differently? Yes. Do I hate that it happened, Sterek shipper that I am? No. I honestly more concerned with all the other things not shown, like how a suicide is no big deal at this place, how Morrell is straight giving Stiles shit that wouldn’t work, how Malia woke Stiles up when he was tranqed, how she knew about the passage down to the basement, and the ending – like WTF Malia just straight walks outta the place with Morrell’s blessing and the mummy’s katana wrapped in a blanket all blue-eyed and smirking?!

    Overall I didn’t hate this episode at all – it was atmospheric and super creepy, there were comical moments (like everyone just gettin’ beat by Kincaide, like what), and Dylan’s acting gives me life (the scenes with his dad, with the nogitsune, in group therapy). I think we’ve just gotten spoiled with the last four awesome episodes and forgotten that a lot of Teen Wolf, in general, is kind of a dumb show. Lol. This just felt like a filler episode, like the eye of the hurricane.

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