When did time go by this quickly? Idk where it went but yes, I am officially a quarter of a century old today. I can rent a car and not have to pay extra fees. I wish I could tell you all what being 25 feels like but I’ve been so insanely busy I probably won’t even have any real thoughts until like mid-March (film production is crazy). Though I am stressed and haven’t gotten the two things I want for my bday, I’m really happy in life and to be where I am. It’s different than where I thought I would be but I like it.

During my 25th year I want to:

1. To go an entire day with out being shadeful. This will probably be the most difficult thing but I want  my bday to be a peaceful place. So there will be nothing rude from me today.

2. Start the 100 days of Happy. Someone pointed this out to me this weekend of taking one minute to think about something that makes you happy for 100 straight days. This is something really cool.

3. Start Vlogging. Lord knows I have endless things to say, but I haven’t gotten into the world of blogging yet. Should be fun, no?

4. Work on being my best self. I have no idea what the future has in store but I’m really looking forward to being this age. 🙂