It seems like just yesterday we were all minding our own business and now we are dropped into the thick of the awards season. This raggedy year has flown by. Anyways, the Golden Globes announced their nominations this morning and I have some thoughts.

The Good
1. The love for Moonlight is nice to see. I always worry about films like this come Golden Globes time cause they can be really into nominating big films and lots of stars.

2. Hell or High Water continues to make a strong showing in these awards.

3. I love how the Golden Globes do not give a damn about shaking up their TV lineups with freshman series. Though they can be too into buzz, that Drama lineup looks pretty impressive.

The Bad
1. No Mica Levi in score?

2. That Justin Timberlake song is garbage.

3. I’m concerned that City of Stars from La La Land is going to win an Oscar despite being one of the weaker songs, and weaker sung songs, in the entire film. Another Day in the Sun or Audition would make for much better choices. But maybe it will go the way of Cinema Italiano from Nine, which was rightly knocked out of the way come Oscar morning by Take It All.

The Ugly
1. How do you honor the wonderful Stranger Things and NOT nominate Millie Bobby Brown, who was the MVP of that show? I know Winona is more famous but come on.

2. I’m going to have to see Hacksaw Ridge now, aren’t I?

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