If you guys have seen the movie and stayed passed the credits, there was a scene where the teacher takes roll and the last name called was Tommy Oliver or Tomi Oliver (as the entire cast seems to want the Green Ranger to be a woman). With the news about the Power Rangers possibly getting not one but five Power Ranger sequels. With that being said, WHO SHOULD STAR AS THE NEW GREEN RANGER? When casting such a titular character, this is an awesome opportunity to find someone fresh and really talented to play the part. There is no need for a “big name actor or actress to come in and outshine the other main characters.

 A lot of the main cast from the Power Ranger want another female character which makes sense since Rita Repulsa is revealed to be the original green ranger (or was she?).  Others feel differently about this. Me? Well, I’m an advocate for more persons of color on the screen even more so young African-American men because the fact is there should be more of us on or behind the screen. (RJ Cyler who plays as Billy Cranston stole the movie from the other actors but that’s another post.) After giving it some thought, I figured I’d give my two scents on who should be cast as the new Green Ranger. My top 3 in no particular order:

Who Should Play the Green Ranger?

Trevor Jackson: It would be fun to see Trevor play the total opposite to RJ. What do I mean by this? Billy Cranston, played by RJ Cyler, is a autistic but intelligent loner. Trevor’s embodiment of Tommy should be a character on the same cognitive and social skills of Dacre Montgomery’s character Jason BUT with more swagger. If you want Tommy to have more of an edge, I think Trevor’s look and acting chops from American Crime would fit nicely into this particular Tommy.

Jordan Fisher:  Jordan is a well-balanced actor capable of going into any direction you want the Character Tommy to be. Especially if the writers/Producers want Tommy to be another “first” like Billy (autistic) or Trini (LGBT). Now, I’m not saying that Trevor isn’t capable of playing Tommy with a background like Billy or Trini. He can. I just feel that Jordan’s “look” make him a safe choice without discrediting his acting chops.

Amandla Stenberg: Amandla would be an awesome choice as Tomi. We’ve seen what she can do in Columbiana and the Hunger Games when she was younger. I’m pretty excited to see what kind of performance she will give us in her upcoming movie Everything. Amandla would be a win-win on “having more persons of color” & “More Women” on the screen front.