The key theme this week on Girls, was relationships. I felt this was one of the stronger episodes of the show in it’s final season (only two more remain). There was a full range of emotions between our characters. Where Adam puts his relationship in jeopardy with Jessa, in order to see if he and Hannah can have a happily ever after with a baby. While Ray tries to keep Hermie’s legacy alive, he finds happiness from someone unexpected.

Adam (Adam Driver) looking anxious is telling Jessa (Jemima Kirke) that she’s not going to like what he has to say, but he wants to raise Hannah’s baby with her. Looking for some kind of reaction to what he just told Jessa…the only thing she says to him, “That he has to do, what he has to do” Adam can’t believe it and tells Jessa to spit at him or punch him. But she just says that he hasn’t done anything wrong…like she doesn’t care.

Hannah (Lena Dunham) naked with only panties on (and a growing belly) is trying to get some relief with some ice water. She calls out to Elijah (Andrew Rannells) and he walks in with only speedo undies (they have a broken AC) and says that he doesn’t want to die like those old people in Queens that get featured on New York 1. Elijah noticing that Hannah looks miserable, asks what is wrong. She tells him that she doesn’t feel good and how she thought telling Paul-Louis about the baby was going to be simple, but it isn’t…it messed her up. Hannah mentions that she feels like she is depriving her baby with half of their identity of who they are.

Hannah is at the store buying some Popsicles and Adam spots her from the window and goes in telling Hannah that he needs to speak to her. He mentions to Hannah that he wants to give their relationship a second chance and also he wants to raise the baby with her. Hannah tells him that she is super confused right now. Adam mentions that both of them have too much history together and how after finding out she was pregnant…he just couldn’t risk it anymore. With all of this happening, Jessa is going out of her mind trying to keep busy by calling the cable company wanting the full lineup of all the extra channels and then throwing up (my first thought is it possible Jessa is pregnant?).

Meanwhile Ray (Alex Karpovsky) is with Shosh (Zosia Mamet) at some place where he is trying to digitize all of Hermie’s 97 audio cassettes. He wants people to listen to these interviews with the elderly, so the audience can see the horrible gentrification that has happened. Ray and Shosh are outside the place and Ray is freaking out because he wants to keep Hermie’s legacy alive. Shosh tells him that he needs to chill out. From across the street Shosh spots her old boss, Abigail (Aidy Bryant) and she comes over to them. Shosh introduces Ray to Abigail and he mentions how they were trying to digitize some tapes. Abigail mentions how she has this old Popples video that is wearing out and how she had no clue that old ugly building did that.

At Hannah’s apartment her and Adam are doing the deed and wants to know if Hannah is okay. She tells Adam that she is. Jessa is at Laird’s (Jon Glaser) apartment with Sample and she can’t seem to remain still, she tells Laird how Adam is up there at Hannah’s probably making plans for the baby and mentions to Laird how Adam wants to raise the baby together with Hannah. Laird is in shock finding out Hannah is pregnant.

Hannah and Adam are being cute, he’s even talking to the baby. Hannah mentions how no one has ever talked to the baby before. Someone is knocking and it’s Laird. He’s come to tell Hannah that he wants to raise her baby (so many suitors) saying how he is a single dad and it is meant to be. Hannah just gives him a look like you have got to be kidding me right now.

Ray, Shosh and Abigail are having lunch and Shosh is notices that Ray is drinking (he’s not a day drinker…she tells him) Abigail says that it’s good to try new things and Ray agrees. Abigail wants to ask the two of them a question and it’s, “Would you live in an ugly building with the view of a gorgeous building or would you live in a gorgeous building with a view of an ugly building?” Ray’s eyes light up in surprise mentioning to Abigail how that is his question. He says how that is something he always asks and Abigail smiles. Ray says how that question says a lot about the true nature of a person. Shosh is just like what is currently happening between Ray and Abigail and she answers the question that she would pick to live an ugly building with a gorgeous view and in unison, Ray and Abigail say no. Both say how many people would choose that answer, but in the end it makes the person saying that kinda shallow.

Hannah wondering why Adam made the decision of wanting to raise this baby with her…she asks him why…he tells Hannah that it was simple and that deep down he knew. Then Hannah asks about Jessa and what’s happening with their relationship. Adam tells her that Jessa would have left in four months and he did both of them a favor. Hannah asks Adam what’s it like to screw Jessa (girl why?) and Adam is just like yikes virgin ears…but he says there’s more laughing…that laughs a lot. Both are sitting on a bench and Hannah tells Adam that being pregnant scares her. Adam asks why she wants a baby? Her response is an analogy of being invited to a slumber party and not being ready for it, but then comes a time when you suddenly are ready for it. Adam tells her a story of when he was younger and his first sleepover, which makes Hannah laugh. She puts her head on his shoulder and he tells her not to be scared and she says okay.

Jessa walks into a bar and she spots a guy who is alone across from her. She proceeds to walk in his direction and gives him the signal to go into the restroom with her. The guy opens the door and starts kissing her. Jessa starts crying and says that she doesn’t want him.

At a hardware store, Hannah and Adam are talking about all the baby stuff they will need and that he will build most of the stuff. Hannah kinda zones out. Adam is all excited and you can see that Hannah is kinda having second thoughts on this whole thing with her and Adam.

Ray and Abigail are walking together eating ice cream cones and she asks if he inherited a coffee business. He says yes, but also he wants to live up to Hermie’s memory. Ray tells her that the only thing that is stopping him is that he’s not a sociable person. Abigail tells him that needs to change and she takes him around the neighborhood to ask the elderly some questions. Getting more comfortable with it, Ray begins asking the questions.

Hannah and Adam are at a diner and he’s telling Hannah that he is ready to give up his apartment. Hannah also mentions how she can do the same, but she’s not going to kick Elijah out. That he’s been an amazing friend to her. Adam then says that they should get a new place, but that they favor married couples. They both stare at each other and realize the fantasy of living happily ever after is not going to happen between them. This was a very emotional scene between Lena and Adam. Hannah starts crying and Adam is getting teary-eyed. He asks Hannah how the rest of her night is looking to break the tension and she tells him she’s going home to write and sleep. Adam is walking back to his apartment and realizes he forgot his keys. He calls Jessa and she picks up, he asks her through the window if he buzzes the doorbell will she let him in and she says yes. Back at her apartment, Hannah lays in her bed…alone.

Ray and Abigail are on a carousel, she tells him how he was good today with the interviews. Ray tells Abigail that it was teamwork. He tells Abigail how he had fun hanging out with her. Ray then tells Abigail he wants to kiss her, they kiss and both look happy.