I’m kind of late to the New Year’s Resolution game as my life has been wild this year and I am currently dealing with a failing logic board on my laptop. So safe to say 2017 was a mess lol. Though I was not as successful at my goals that I set last year, I feel like I have steadily been challenging myself to do better. Shooting for the stars and landing on the clouds is not a bad thing. That being said, I tried to simplify my approach to this year’s resolutions cause trying to go for broke is tough. Theme for 2018: Allow my passions to lead me to a better place financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

I have some more specific goals that align with this.

Read 30 books – I sort of had this goal this past year but got mollywhopped with a web series and other life struggle but I’m bout to start 2 on the first so.

Lean up (lose 10-15 lbs by universal fan con) – I am now comfortable going to the gym constantly and even following a meal plan but now I gotta lose some of this bulking weight I put on.

Speak at a convention – I submitted 3 panel ideas for Universal FanCon and I really want to speak at a convention. I’ve had so much fun going to panels and I’d really like to host one.

Travel out of state at least 4 times – I def don’t have the money to do this right at the moment, but I would like to see some other places in the country, if only to get some peace of mind.

Apply to all tv writing fellowships – I’m working on a pilot right now that I’m really fucking excited about and actually started on a spec script already so…fellowship here I come.

Learn how to sew/Update Trollhunters and build 2-3 new cosplays – 2 peas in the cosplay pod but I’m ready to take the next step, maybe even do some commissions.

Better manage my tasks via making to do lists – I have to do better at tracking my progress with things and so every day I’m going to mak or update a list.